12 Reasons to Embrace Small Space Living

12 Reasons to Embrace Small Space Living

Small space living is a lifestyle choice where individuals choose to live in smaller homes, apartments, or condos. It is becoming increasingly popular as housing prices continue to rise and urban areas become more densely populated. Embracing small space living requires a certain level of organization and minimalism, as well as the ability to make the most of limited square footage.

Embrace Small Space Living

Embrace Small Space Living

One of the main benefits of Embrace Small Space Living is that it can save you money on rent or a mortgage, as well as on utility bills. Additionally, small spaces are often easier to clean and maintain, which can save time and energy. Another benefit of small space living is that it can force you to be more mindful about the things you bring into your home.

This can lead to a more minimalist and clutter-free lifestyle, which can be beneficial for both your physical and mental well-being. It also encourages to be more creative and resourceful in terms of decorating and organizing. Despite the challenges that come with small space living, many people find that it is a rewarding lifestyle choice that allows them to live more simply, save money, and enjoy the benefits of living in an urban area. With the right mindset, small space living can be a fulfilling and enjoyable experience. Here is the 12 Reasons to Embrace Small Space Living.

#1 The Right Price

We reduced the size of the house in order to afford a few acres of land close to the city. Our small bungalow had three bedrooms, one and a half bathrooms, a small kitchen/dining nook, and a living room. There was a basement, but it was unfinished, and the garage was separate from the house. However, all of this meant that the price was reasonable!!

#2 Placement, Placement, Placement

Our house’s location was ideal. Despite being in the country, it is only a 5-minute drive to a town with groceries, schools, and other amenities, and a 15-minute drive to the nearest major city. We were willing to make a sacrifice in terms of house size in order to be so close to amenities. Now that we have two children to drive to activities, we know we made the right decision!

#3 Outdoor Living

When we were looking for a home, we really wanted a beautiful, private property. This house was situated on four fenced and treed acres, and it included a pond and a large garage/workspace for Mark. The extra land was affordable because the house had a smaller footprint. The abundance of outdoor space encourages people to get outside, get some fresh air, and be active.

#4 Lower Maintenance Costs

The cost of property maintenance was something my 25-year-old self didn’t consider when we were house hunting. Taxes, utilities, routine maintenance, and repair costs all add up over time, and the smaller the house, the lower the bills!

#5 Minimalism Is Required

Embrace Small Space Living forces you to live a more simple life. I regularly purge outgrown clothing, toys, and gifts. Anything we don’t use or enjoy is donated. Living in a less cluttered environment means less stress and a happier home! Learn how to apply Moderate Minimalism.

#6 Putting Family First

I love how a smaller space forces our family to spend more time together! In a large house, there are so many different places to be that it’s easy to lose track of each other. Our bedrooms and living rooms are all close together, which creates a cozy atmosphere.

#7 Take into Account the Environment

With the current global warming crisis, minimalism is essential. This year, I had the pleasure of meeting HGTV’s Bryan Bauemler at the Edmonton Home Renovation Show. He gave an excellent talk about how the best thing a homeowner can do is buy a small, well-built house and make it as efficient as possible. I couldn’t agree with you more!

#8 Fun Has Been Made More Affordable

Living within or below your means means having more money for fun by not taking on the financial burden of a large home. Instead, spend the extra money on new experiences, travel, hobbies, savings, or investments!

#9 Cleaning is a piece of cake

The older I get, the more I appreciate this benefit of living in a small space! Cleaning a small house is much easier. There are fewer bathrooms, smaller floor spaces, and overall less clutter to manage. Even if you hire a cleaner, it will be less expensive. Because the square footage is smaller, we can afford a cleaner!

#10 Downsizing Made Simple

Downsizing is popular right now, with many baby boomers selling large family homes in favor of smaller, more manageable properties. This is a long-term strategy, but if you already live in a smaller, less expensive home, you may not need to leave as you age! If you don’t have to deal with the costs of moving, you may be able to retire sooner.

#11 Renovations are less expensive

When renovating, fewer square feet equals lower costs! We were able to afford higher-quality hardwood flooring, marble countertops, and other luxuries that we would not have been able to afford had the house been any larger! It’s definitely something to think about if you’re looking at homes that need to be updated!

# 12 Contentment is Essential

The most difficult and rewarding aspect of living in a small space is learning to be content! Not always seeking bigger, better, or more. Learning to live happily in a smaller space is a great way to practice gratitude rather than greed in your daily life.

We are overjoyed with our decision to Embrace Small Space Living in a fantastic location! So, what are your thoughts? Do you live in a small space now or are you thinking about downsizing.

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